Spain: «Summoning a referendum is not a crime» — Catalan mayors rally after arrest threat

Mayors of Catalonia met with their regional president, Carles Puigdemont, on Saturday in Barcelona, as part of a demonstration organised by the separatists against the Spanish judiciary. The meeting and subsequent rally was organised after a top Spanish prosecutor pledged to summon to court any Catalan mayor who assists in the organisation of the upcoming independence referendum. Puigdemont... Еще appeared from the Palau de la Generalitat, the regional government headquarters, greeting the Catalan mayors who were waiting outside. The mayors signed a symbolic pro-independence box reading «I want to be free», complete with a miniature Statue of Liberty. 700 mayors face the risk of being arrested for supporting the independence referendum. In light of the order that pro-independence mayors be summoned to court, Mayor of Mora d'Erbe insisted he was not worried. «I will not worry too much, I am convinced that I have not committed any crime. I have signed the decree, I have notified the availability of locals. I did it with a law in force and I am convinced that what I have done, I have done it correctly. But apart from that, summoning a referendum is not a crime.» Catalan citizens will vote in an upcoming historical independence referendum on October 1, in a ballot that has been deemed illegal and unconstitutional by the Spanish Supreme Court.

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