Spain: Student protesters storm railway station in Barcelona after demo

Hundreds of demonstrators, who had been part of a student march in relation to the detained former Catalan government members, broke through barriers at the Sants railway station in Barcelona, Wednesday. The protest forced the station to cancel several incoming trains and halt its services as the demonstrators blocked the tracks on the high-speed railway. «We are here because we want political... Еще prisoners to be freed, in this case the 'Jordis' [Head of Omnium Cultural Jordi Cuixart and President of the Catalan National Assembly Jordi Sanchez],» explained Eloy, a protester. «We decided to take part in this general strike in order to claim their freedom and also to be heard, so we decided to occupy the railways.» Sanchez and Cuixart were imprisoned on 16th October in Madrid, where they remain, while sedition charges against the pair are investigated following the Catalan independence referendum, which the Spanish government declared 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional'.

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