Spain: Spanish flag removed from Girona city hall following Catalonia independence vote

The Spanish flag was removed from atop the city hall of the northern Catalan town of Girona on Friday, following the Catalan parliament’s vote for an independent republic of Catalonia. Hundreds of supporters of Catalan independence gathered in the central Placa del Vi square in Girona, in front of the city hall, to follow the vote of the Catalan parliament and to call for the release of... Еще imprisoned activists Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez. Numerous pro-Catalan independence flags (known as ‘Estreladas’) dotted the square and the crowd erupted in celebrations once the voting results came in. The city hall’s Spanish flag was taken down amid widespread applause and pro-independence chants. Spanish flags were also reportedly removed from the city halls of the towns of Sabadell and Terrassa. On the same day, the Spanish Senate approved measures planned by the government and supported by article 155 to “restore legality” — de facto imposing direct rule of Madrid on Catalonia.

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