Spain: Spaniards get a proper Halloween scare with this bespectacled Puigdemont costume

A costume depicting former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont turned out to be the hit of this year's Halloween, as Alicante's House of Costume (Casa del Disraz) ran out of stock in the Spanish town of Ibi, Tuesday. The House of Costume employee Elvira Rodriguez noted that «the Puigdemont costume is the most terrifying costume of this Halloween,» adding that the costume «has a lot of acceptance... Еще. Right now, we are almost out of stock, and the truth is that people are interested in the costume.» The costume consists of a black wig imitating the hair of the former Catalan leader, a pair of spectacles, a black tie and a jacket, adorned by a badge in colours of the Estelada flag, which is typically worn by Catalan pro-independence supporters. The costume is available to purchase for €39 ($45).


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