Spain: Soul singer gives concert from Madrid balcony during lockdown

Residents of the Lavapies district of Madrid were able to listen to a concert of soul singer Beatriz «Betta» Berodia, who performed from the balcony of her apartment on Tuesday as the Spanish capital grapples with the coronavirus outbreak. Footage shows Berodia, accompanied by guitarist Andrea Capalbo, giving a small concert from her balcony. They performed a series of songs including the... Еще popular Bella Ciao, which was enthusiastically applauded by the locals. «We try to make sure that people can at least disconnect for a little while. Every now and then. We don't do it every day so that people don't get fed up, but we do try to at least get them to disconnect and go out to their balconies and feel, in some way, as if they were out of their houses,» said Betta. The singer stated that the idea is to make a contribution to her neighbours during the difficult circumstances they're going through because of the coronavirus outbreak, although once everything is back to normal, they will finish their performances on the balcony of their apartment. «After all this passes, please go support the live concerts, which is art, culture, because it is very important, [it is] also what makes a society, let's say, go forward and get rich,» the artist says. So far, Spain has registered a total of 2,937 deaths and 41,938 positive cases of coronavirus. The most serious situation, in terms of number of infected and fatalities, continues to be in the Community of Madrid. *NOTE: MUSIC IN THE FILE MIGHT BE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT*

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