Spain: Security guards forcefully detain man for allegedly breaking state of alarm

Two Renfe security guards held a man at the Mostoles Central train station on Monday, for an alleged breach of the state of alarm. Footage shows the aggressiveness of the guards, who drag and hold the man on the ground, while one of them is on top. The man repeats that he has a document that says he came from work, and that he has not been allowed to show it. Next to him, two loaves of bread... Еще can be seen on the floor, which according to the person filming the video, the man was carrying. The purchase of food is one of the justifications for going out on the street included in the state of alarm's decree. At one point, one of the guards approaches a woman who asks them to be less aggressive with the man. He arrives next to the woman asking her if she «likes to get involved where she shouldn't», even though she asks him not to do so in order to respect the safe distance. The guard ignores this, and even takes out his baton. According to witnesses, the police came to the scene and, after talking to the man, allowed him to leave. Mandatory credit: Nico AS

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