Spain: Scuffles erupt as Catalan protesters block Barcelona's main train station

Pro-Catalan independence protesters blocked Barcelona's Sants train station for hours on Monday, trying to prevent people from entering it, with scuffles seen erupting between them and riot police. «I am at Sants Station to call for the freedom of political prisoners. Everyone that is in jail, from young people to exiles, all of them. We are here to protest all that is going on, that is all shit... Еще, excuse my language,» said pro-independence protester, Montse Cubells. Travellers and tourists who had trains to catch to reach Madrid and other destinations had difficulties entering the station. «We are frustrated, we understand their anger but us as tourists, to come to Barcelona and spend money and be captive and not being able to go to Madrid to take our plane back home. It is a long way, it is a lot of money lost and we understand their anger but it is not our fault,» said tourist from Mexico, Rogelio Sada. Protests were sparked across Catalonia after nine pro-independence leaders, who had organised the 2017 independence referendum, were found guilty of sedition, disobedience and misuse of public funds. They were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison by the Supreme Court of Madrid, hundreds have been injured in clashes and dozens placed under arrest during the protests.

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