Spain: Scores injured as police clamps down on voters with rubber bullets and batons

Scores of voters were injured in Barcelona, Sunday, as they clashed with security forces over the Catalan independence referendum. Emergency services reached the area near the polling station located at the Ramon Llull School and provided aid to the wounded, who were later transferred to nearby hospitals on board of ambulances. Several voters marched through the streets carrying a banner... Еще reading «Fascism advances if we don't fight it!» as others staged a sit-in near the Jesuitas Caspe School. A wounded voter, Joan, told the press that police fired rubber bullets on the voters and also used batons against them, including women and children. Referendum supporters have braced for a contentious day, following crackdowns by Spanish authorities on polling stations, arrests of Catalan officials and the suspension of the vote by Spain's Constitutional Court over the last weeks. More than 5 million Catalans are expected to cast their votes in 2,315 polling stations across Catalonia, with more than 200 stations in Barcelona alone.

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