Spain: Sanchez' lawyer speaks to press as trial of jailed Catalan leaders continues

Lawyer of imprisoned Catalan leader Jordi Sanchez gave a press statement outside Madrid's National Court, Fiday, over the ongoing trial of Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart. Pina cut a slightly optimistic note with reporters telling them «the oral hearing allowed us to argue or summarise a little bit the legal recourse we presented and to argue some specific circumstances that were not considered before... Еще, because they were not known or because they still didn't happen the day we submitted the legal recourse.» Pina later added «the way we see it, this political change makes the thesis of Jordi Sanchez performing certain actions of criminal reiteration, which we don't know anything about, is very hard to sustain, and I think that right now the political scenario is very different, and I think this as an argument that doesn't stand up.»

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