Spain: Ruptly stringer’s camera blocked as nationalists take down Catalan independence symbol

A Ruptly stringer's camera was obscured by Spanish flags as a yellow bow, linked to the Catalan independence movement, was being taken down from a historic building by Spanish nationalists at a protest in Barcelona on Sunday. Footage shows anti-independence protesters with Spanish flags succeeding to take down a yellow bow which Catalan nationalists have been tying to buildings around the city in... Еще tribute to their jailed leaders. As Spanish nationalists were trying to take down the Catalan symbol some protesters tried to obstruct the stringer’s camera with their flags and insulted the stringer. The building was the residence of Antoni Amatller, an industrialist, chocolate master, art collector and photographer, and is used as a private museum today. Protests were sparked across Catalonia after nine pro-independence leaders, who had organised the 2017 independence referendum, were found guilty of sedition, disobedience and misuse of public funds. They were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison by the Supreme Court of Madrid, hundreds have been injured in clashes and dozens placed under arrest during the protests.

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