Spain: Rota naval base workers reach seventh day of strike

Rota Naval Base workers are pulling through the seventh day of their strike occupying Rota's City Hall as they demand the US-based company Louis Berger to rehire 24 workers, Friday. Former workers of the base alongside current employees have joined forces to demand better working conditions and to negotiate the return of the 24 fired staff members. «What cannot happen, under any... Еще circumstances, is that the all-powerful US Navy replaces Spanish striking workers in Rota» said Edgar Smith, one of the people who were let go by the company. For Jesus Ruiz, a worker on strike, they are fighting against the «uncooperative practices of the company». «Constitutional rights of Spanish workers are being attacked by Louis-Berger by bringing US Navy soldiers to take the jobs of workers who have been fired from Rota airport illegally,» said representative of Workers' Commissions, Jose Maria Rodriquez.

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