Spain: Residents call for action over rising migrant tide

Residents and tourists in the port of Barbate reacted on Saturday to the flux of migrants attempting to reach Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar, one day after 78 migrants arrived in Barbate after being picked up by Spain's Maritime Rescue Service. The Barbate cemetery has several tombstones dedicated to 'missing' migrants who have drowned during the hazardous journey across the Strait. «Now... Еще more dinghies are coming, therefore we are having more, there are more corpses,» cemetery caretaker Rafael said. «This year is going to be bad. If Europe and the Spanish government don't get their act together and don't do anything for these people, they will be cultivating a grave in the Strait for them.» «I think that the main solution comes from their country of origin,» Murcia tourist Paco said. «There they should talk with a governor and try to make sure that so many people don't come here. Because of course, once they are here we cannot expel anyone, because that is inhuman.» According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), a total of 24,634 migrants have reached the shores of Spain from the Western Mediterranean route between January 1 and August 10 2018, marking a 126,4 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

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