Spain: Regional govt. takes advantage of Catalan crisis, pushing for Law of Aran

Ombudsman of Aran Carlos Barrera spoke on a manifesto for the implementation of the Law of Aran, following a plenary session in the semi-autonomous Catalonian valley of Aran on Thursday. The General Assembly of Aran Valley met to discuss an institutional declaration that calls on recognition for increased self-governance in an eventual Spanish constitution reform. Barrera explained that the... Еще General Assembly had the «will to defend and advance the deployment of the Aran law», with full intention of keeping the «well-being of the Aranese people» at the centre of their battle. He added that the Assembly would «strive for a state-level recognition of the reality of the Aran Valley and of its self-government.» Barrera explained that the debate of whether Aran does or does not belong to Catalonia «does not make sense at the moment», going on to explain that «we don't want in any way, for the law of Aran to be converted to an exchange currency.» Spokesperson of the Unitat d'Aran party Paco Boya explained that historical moments, such as the Spanish-Catalan crisis, can be turned to good. «We must take advantage of historical moments to examine and to defend our self-government and therefore to improve our capacity to exercise our competences and to improve the lives of our citizens», he said. Val d'Aran is a district on the border with France with its own additional powers within the autonomous region of Catalonia. The administrative unit, comprised of a valley near the Pyrenees, has its own language known as Aranese, and a unique history. Many in Val d'Aran previously asserted the desire to remain a part of Spain if Catalonia were to secede.

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