Spain: Rajoy says no-confidence motion 'harmful' for Spain's stability

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy stated that a no-confidence motion against him, which was announced by Head of the Spanish Socialist Party Pedro Sanchez earlier in the day, would affect Spain's stability and economic development, at a briefing in Madrid on Friday. Rajoy argued that the no-confidence motion is «filed during difficult times in Spain, because as we see, we are applying Article 155 of... Еще the Constitution, so this motion goes against Spain's stability, which is so necessary today, a stability that the national budget is guaranteed.» He went on to say that the no-confidence motion «damages economic recovery,» before adding «it's bad for Spain. It's bad for the Spanish people, and it's harmful for the future of all citizens. The Spanish prime minister stressed that the motion was filed to Sanchez's benefit, who according to Rajoy wants to become the country's president «at any cost.» The main opposition party made its move after the Spanish High Court on Thursday gave prison sentences to 29 people of the 37 defendants, among them, the prominent former members of Rajoy's Popular Party (PP).

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