Spain: Rajoy denies all knowledge of alleged corruption deals during questioning

*JUMP CUTS AT SOURCE* *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE*SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “The truth is that I never knew him and I am absolutely convinced that I’ve seen him at some public event, but I never had any kind of relationship with him, nor did he ever come to my office or hold any business discussions with me, but I suppose it is perfectly understandable. As I have said on... Еще numerous occasions, I am not involved in the economic side of the party since I’m the head of political affairs. If I knew him, it would have only been from greeting him at public events, so I cannot concretely claim any knowledge of him at all.”M/S Questions being askedSOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “To me it seems both honest and legal to say, when asked, that the vast majority of what was written yesterday is false, at least those parts that concerned me and many other members of the party, and that other things which were written in the newspapers could be true.”SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “No, no, I never had a close relationship with him. I clearly remember him from the photos published in the politics sections of some media outlets which set this off. So, logically speaking, some people told me yesterday who Mr. Correa was because I couldn’t remember him. It is possible I knew him from some political event. Neither could I remember meeting Mr. Crespo, but again we could have met at a political event, the same with Mr. Alvaro Perez. But when I arrive at a political event, I greet the President of the Party here, the Secretary of the organisation there, the deputies, the senators, the managers who ensure the party runs smoothly. There’s pressure to greet everyone and that’s exactly my reasoning.”SOT, Tribune (Spanish): “So you’ve told us that in your case, you’ve met him, you’ve seen him but you’ve never had a close relationship with him?”SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): «When I’ve seen him, just as everyone else has, it's been through the media."SOT, Tribune (Spanish): “You sent a text message in April 2012, which you remember quite clearly, in which you said to Mr. Barcenas, 'Luis, nothing is easy. We’re doing what we can, cheer up.' Can you clarify to us what you were doing?”SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “Look. I responded to Barcenas’ text, it was a different time back then, because it is customary to respond to texts that people send me on my phone. Well, it was an answer to one message or another in which he expressed the difficulties and the complex situation he was experiencing. I replied and that’s that. I could have used this phrase or that phrase or any other phrase. It doesn’t have any significance. ‘We’re doing what we can' means exactly that: 'we’re doing what we can.’ It is nothing which should be judged in terms of a trial.”SOT, Tribune (Spanish):: “You sent another message to Mr. Barcenas. “Luis, I understand. Be strong. I will call you tomorrow.”SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “I didn’t call him.”SOT, Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “One sends a lot of messages, but as I said earlier, I did not do absolutely anything. To cut to the point, I did not make a phone call.”SCRIPTMariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “None at all.”Tribune (Spanish): “You never called him, directly or indirectly?”Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “No.”Tribune (Spanish): “Not through another person?”Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “No.”Tribune (Spanish): “Never spoke to anyone else about Barcenas?”Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister (Spanish): “No.” *JUMP CUT AT SOURCE*Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy answered questions from Audiencia Nacional (National Court) as part of his testimony in the Gurtel corruption case, Wednesday.The courthouse in San Fernando de Henares, just outside Madrid, is hosting the Gurtel corruption trial based on alleged financing scheme

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