Spain: Rajoy asks Spanish senate for permission to remove Puigdemont

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy spoke to the upper house of parliament in Madrid, Friday, as the central government gears up to trigger Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. Invoking Article 155 would see direct rule imposed by Madrid on Catalonia following the October 1st independence referendum, which was deemed 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional' by the Spanish government. The... Еще repercussions of this unprecedented move are unknown at present, however, Rajoy underlined that that triggering the Article 'entails severe consequences for many people'. «As you know, Article 155 is something which a government under normal circumstances would not invoke. Since the day our constitution was approved in 1978, it has never been implemented,» said Rajoy. Rajoy followed by stating that the vote would also give him the authority to remove the Catalan government. «I ask you to authorise the decision to remove the Catalan President, the Vice-President and their advisors,» Rajoy said, with many senators applauding him.


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