Spain: Puigdemont welcomes release of former Catalan ministers via video call

Ex-Catalan President Carles Puigdemont welcomed the release of two of his ministers from jail, at a press conference in Barcelona on Tuesday. Speaking via video link from Brussels, Puigdemont expressed his happiness at their return. He said, «we are very moved by everything that has been going on today. We will be at your side, and we hope to recover normality soon.» Josep Rull and Jordi Turull... Еще were released from Estremera prison on the outskirts of Madrid yesterday. Four other ministers from the Catalan regional government remain in custody. Rull and Turull promised not to stop fighting until their colleagues were set free. Rull then added, «we want to release our comrades from the prison, and we want president Puigdemont to be able to return to Catalonia once again, as the legitimate president he is.» The two former ministers were speaking at a campaign rally for the «Together for Catalonia» coalition, ahead of regional elections on December 21.


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