Spain: Puigdemont praises «long expected» Catalan parliament independence vote

The President of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, addressed MPs inside the lobby of the parliament of Catalonia in Barcelona on Friday, following a parliamentary vote overwhelmingly in favour of independence. Puigdemont called the parliamentary vote “a long expected and long-fought-for step ahead,” before complimenting Catalan MPs for accomplishing “a mandate validated in the polls... Еще.” Catalan government Vice-President Oriol Junqueras, standing next to Puigdemont, spoke of a “constituent process” in the “construction of this new republic,” and stressed the “democratic mandate” of Catalan institutions. Members of pro-independence movements and MPs alike expressed their satisfaction with the vote and some expressed concepts related to the “construction” of a new country. Lluis Rabell, Leader of the Catalonia Yes We Can coalition, meanwhile, expressed his opposition to the vote, stating that it divides Catalan society rather than uniting it. The same day, the Spanish Senate approved measures planned by the government and supported by article 155 to “restore legality” — de facto imposing direct rule of Madrid on Catalonia.

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