Spain: Puigdemont lambasts King as government mouthpiece

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont released a video statement in Barcelona on Wednesday claiming that Spanish King Felipe VI «owes respect», to the Catalan vote, «because it is entrusted to him by the Constitution.» «We cannot share nor accept the message transmitted by the Head of the State to a sector of the population», Puigdemont said. The Catalan president's address comes three days... Еще after Catalonia held a referendum to decide on the region's independence. The referendum was, however, deemed 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional' by the Spanish government. Puigdemont criticised the Spanish King's response to the referendum stating, «The king adopts as his own the speech and politics of Rajoy's government that have been catastrophic towards Catalonia and deliberately ignores the millions of Catalans who don't share his views.» At least 893 people and 33 police officers were reportedly injured in violent confrontations between voters and Spanish police who attempted to stop Catalans from voting at polling stations.


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