Spain: Protesting Catalan farmers drive 1,000 tractors through Lleida town centre

A thousand members of the Young Farmers and Ranchers of Catalonia (JARC) union drove their tractors through the streets of the Catalonian town of Lleida on Saturday, in protest of an alleged recent crackdown on Catalan democracy by the Spanish Government. Crowds gathered throughout the north-western town with both tractors and roadside supporters donning Catalonian flags and pro-independence... Еще placards. The JARC later held a stage rally by the Spanish Government buildings in the town centre, with spectators cheering on their agricultural union’s calls for democracy. JARC Union President Francesc Boronat addressed supporters and explained the need for the union’s tractor protest as a rally to counteract the “unfair actions of the government,” that he believed to be an “attack” on Catalonian democracy. Catalan citizens will vote in an upcoming historic independence referendum on October 1, in a ballot that has been deemed illegal and unconstitutional by the Spanish Supreme Court.

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