Spain: Protesters mark anniversary of Spanish journalist's killing by US shell in Iraq

Protesters gathered in front of the US Embassy in Madrid on Sunday, to demand justice for Jose Couso, a cameraman who was killed by the US military in Iraq in 2003. His brother David Couso was present at the protest, saying «if we had stayed at home, 15 years later, there would be no talk of Jose Couso, or the lies to invade a country.» «We will continue fighting and asking for justice in... Еще front of this embassy that blooded [him],» Couso’s mother Maribel Permuy said, remembering her son. The Spanish journalist was filming US troops from a window of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad during the US-led invasion of Iraq in April 2003, when a US Army tank fired a shell at the building, killing the Spanish cameraman and Taras Protsyuk, a Ukrainian cameraman working for Reuters. An inquiry into Couso's death was dropped by Spain's high court in 2015, reportedly after law changes made it harder to prosecute possible war crimes across borders.

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