Spain: Protesters march in Madrid against housing evictions

Protesters marched as part of a Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH)-organised rally in Madrid on Saturday, to call for the right to decent housing and to ask the People's Party to support a bill for emergency housing that the organisation presented in the Congress of Deputies. Protesters joined the event from all over the country. They marched through the centre of Madrid holding... Еще banners and chanting slogans against eviction. They also placed a chair in the middle of a square, demanding 'dialogue' with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. According to PAH, the bill includes points such as eviction regulation, rehousing of affected families, control of over-indebtedness situations and financial system abuse; as well as affordable prices, encouragement for public housing construction, and a guarantee of basic water, electricity and gas supplies for every home. The PAH presented the housing bill in January and the deadline for its approval is March 16.

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