Spain: Protesters march against 'gag law' as it turns 3 years old

Protesters took to the streets of Madrid on Sunday to call for the revocation of the so-called 'gag law,' on the occasion of the law's third anniversary. Protesters, mainly from the organisation 'Artists for Freedom of Speech,' claimed that the law «attacks freedom of speech and black humour.» The demonstrators were stopped by riot police, as they tried to approach the headquarters of the... Еще Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE). The Citizen Security Law — commonly referred to as the 'gag law' — permits fines of up to €600,000 ($733,770) for unauthorised protests outside buildings that provide 'basic services to the community.' It also prohibits the photographing or filming of police officers, with those prosecuted potentially facing fines of up to €30,000 ($36,689).

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