Spain: Protest decries secessionists summoned to court «without reason»

Scores of protesters rallied outside of the Girona's Civil Guard barracks on Friday, to declare their support of two pro-independence students that were summoned to declare themselves as defendants at court, without knowing the reasons to testify. Some two hundred demonstrators rallied outside of the barracks in support of students Jordi Alemany and Lluch Huguet, who reportedly refused to... Еще testify before the Civil Guard. Instead, Alemany and Huguet chose to lead a protest march to the barracks, with followers carrying Catalan Estelada flags and a banner reading 'To defend the land is not a crime.' Speaking to the press, Alemany explained that the message he received from court «simply states that we are quoted to declare in court as a person under investigation» and that «we do not know the reasons why we are quoted to declare.» Alemany argued that the reason for the court summons was «a maneuver of political repression». Huguet expressed how «unusual» it was for the Civil Guard to take such measures in the city. «Had we really done something out of place, we would have to declare either before of a judge or have the Mossos in charge of making this police summons», he said.

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