Spain: Protest as former Catalan leaders appear in court

Around 200 public workers protested in Barcelona on Friday morning against the imprisonment and exile of Catalan leaders and and the implementation of Article 155. «The protest is double, on the one hand we ask for the legitimate restoration of the government of Catalonia and the freedom of the imprisoned councillors and also for the two «Jordis», the political activists, as well as the safe... Еще return of the government that is in Brussels. We also request the Spanish government to cancel or suspend the application of Article 155», claimed member of the Generalitat and protest co-organizer Laura Nicolas. Rosa Maria, one of the protesters added that “we are totally against the Article 155 that the Spanish government is applying, and we are against the repression that they are doing to our councillors who have been legitimately chosen by the Catalan people.” Eight imprisoned Catalan leaders as well activists Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart appeared before the Supreme Court in Madrid in order to convince the judge for their provisional release. All of them, along with the Catalan leaders who are in Brussels and former president Carles Puigdemont are accused of rebellion, sedition and misappropriation of their leadership in the Catalan unilateral declaration of independence process.

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