Spain: Professional footballer hangs up his boots and runs pharmacy amid COVID-19 outbreak

Like many of his colleagues, Spanish professional footballer, Toni Dovale, was forced to hang up his boots for the time being due to the coronavirus outbreak, but unlike his fellow professionals, he has not been following video training routines. Dovale decided to practice the pharmacy degree he had earned four years ago and take care of people during this period of quarantine in a pharmacy in La... Еще Coruna, Galicia. Footage filmed on Tuesday show the footballer, who currently plays for Royal Thai Navy F.C., in the southeast Asian country's Thai League 2, arriving to a pharmacy in the Galician city. Then, Dovale dresses in a white coat, mask, gloves and is dedicated to serving customers who arrive at the business, one of the few that can continue to operate in the midst of the total quarantine decreed by the Spanish authorities. «Football stopped all around the world, so I just — luckily I have a pharmacy degree so I took the decision to help the people as you know the situation in Spain is really tough,» Dovale said. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the authorities in Thailand and Spain decreed a series of restrictions on the movement of people, and then activity in the national leagues was suspended. Returning to his club became impossible for Dovale. «The situation happened, changed, really quickly and I just think it was the right moment for me to help the people,» said Dovale. Dovale added that while he was obviously saddened by the current situation, he felt «proud right now of being able to help to my people.» Spain has recorded 849 deaths of patients infected with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. The total number of deaths is 8,189. In addition, there are 94,417 positive cases, 5,607 patients admitted to intensive care units and 19,259 patients cured and discharged.

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