Spain: Pro-independence leader Rovira casts ballot in Catalan snap election

Secretary General of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) party Marta Rovira cast her vote in the Catalan regional election, in a Barcelona polling station on Thursday. Rovira, accompanied by her husband and daughter, was cheered by a crowd of supporters as she placed her vote. «We hope that today democracy can come back and win, like it won on October 1,» she said after the vote. Rovira... Еще took the opportunity to denounce the imprisonment of former Catalan government officials by the Spanish government, saying they were «stripped of their democratic rights.» On Thursday, Catalans were voting for 135 lawmakers in the regional parliament, which has been dominated by pro-independence parties since 2015. The elections are expected to determine the course of a secession crisis that escalated after the October 1 Catalan independence referendum. According to opinion polls, either the pro-independence ERC or the centrist, anti-independence Ciudadanos could emerge from Thursday's election as the largest party. Mandatory credit to: ACN

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