Spain: Pro-Catalan independence supporters rally against King Felipe's visit to Tarragona

Hundreds of pro-Catalan independence supporters rallied against the visit of Spanish King Felipe VI in L'Espluga de Francoli, Tarragona province on Monday. Protesters were seen making their way towards the Poblet Monastery that was being visited by the king. Banners reading “Catalonia doesn't have a king” and pictures depicting King Felipe upside down could be spotted among the protesters. “Today, from the gates of the Poblet Monastery, we say clearly again that the Borbon is not welcome in Catalonia. The mobilised civil society tells him that Catalonia does not have a king, that we do not forget that the monarch was complicit in the police repression, of this police brutality that would be exercised on October 1 against the citizens of Catalonia who voted democratically and peacefully in the electoral colleges, and that we will not allow their impunity to roam freely in our country,” stated the Coordinator of Omnium Cultural in Conca de Barcera, Nuria Griso. The ANC (Catalan National Assembly) Coordinator at Conca de Barbera, Jordi Saumell, also joined Griso stating that the king was not welcome and said that «every act of provocation that they come to do in Catalonia will be answered by worthy people, who have decided not to have a king, who have decided to take a path towards freedom, towards the Catalan republic.” Monday’s protest against the King’s visit comes as the Spanish royal family is facing growing disapproval in the country, as former King Juan Carlos faces an investigation in Switzerland for alleged undeclared business operations.

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