Spain: PM Rajoy met with protest in Catalonia's Mataro

arrive, they did not let us pass and let everyone else pass, but they let us in and I asked why? It's because we had yellow scarves.» Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy arrived in the Catalonian town of Mataro to participate in a People’s Party gathering ahead of regional elections later this month, Saturday. Rajoy, who arrived to a town filled with pro-Catalonia signage, told the press... Еще that «we are very happy, they have asked us to return everything soon to stability, to normality and to take advantage of the recovery and [they] want all these things to be things of the past.» An anti-Rajoy protest was held to mark the prime minister's arrival. Catalonia goes to the polls on December 21 following Madrid's suspension of Catalan's parliament in the wake of the independence referendum on October 1.

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