Spain: Peach of a protest! Farmers' sanctions demo jams up A2 highway

Around 300 farmers demonstrated at exit 446 of the A2 highway near the town of Soses, Friday, against the low price of stone fruit due to what they see as the EU's inadequate response to the Russian embargo on fruit imports from the EU. The farmers are requesting the EU institute the withdrawal of 40,000 tons of stone fruit from the market in order to boost prices. They marched down the road... Еще, paralysing transit along the A2 highway from Lleida to Madrid. The original intention was to dump the fruit but it was decided to distribute it to those stuck in traffic due to the protest. «With the Russian veto implemented in 2014 we lost a market of 250 million people which assumed almost 30 percent of our production», said Ferdinan Cucson, a labour unionist. «We are demanding the withdrawal of 40,000 tonnes of fruit [from the EU market], and these mechanisms are established in the Lisbon Treaty so we're just demanding and asking what is or right,» he stated.

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