Spain: One killed, 26 injured by pyrotechnic explosion near Tui

Witness (Spanish): «We felt a huge noise and everything was trembling.» Reporter (Spanish): «And what about damage?» Witness (Spanish): «For us it was only a window, but it was really impressive.» Reporter (Spanish): «Did you know that there was a pyrotechnics warehouse?» Witness (Spanish): «I knew that in this area there was a pyrotechnic factory. But I did not know if he had fireworks at... Еще home, I was never interested.» Witness (Spanish): «Yes, everybody is fine. My niece went to Cunqueiro [Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital] with a bump on the head, but she is well.» Reporter (Spanish): «Everybody was home when [it happened]?» Witness (Spanish): «Everybody, everybody.» Reporter (Spanish): «Do you know the owners of the warehouse?» Witness (Spanish): «I do not know.» Reporter (Spanish): «But you knew it was there, the warehouse.» Witness (Spanish): «Yes, we knew. They have been living here all their lives.» One person died and 26 were left injured after a massive firework explosion occurred in a residential area in Baldrans near Tui on Wednesday. Footage shows the aftermath of the blast, with emergency vehicles near the blast sight and crowds looking on. According to reports, fireworks were being illegally stored in a private home where the blast took place. Several homes in the area were severely damaged.

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