Spain: 'No real peace' — President-elect Ivan Duque on modern-day Colombia

Reporter (Spanish): «Is there a peace in Columbia now?» Ivan Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «I think it is a sad situation now. The peace is strong, when there is no violence, the peace is strong, when citizens do not feel intimidated and oppressed because of crimes». Reporter (Spanish): «So from your point of view, in Colombia now there is no real peace?» Ivan... Еще Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «No, there is no real peace.» Reporter (Spanish): «With you coming to power, are the peace agreements in danger?» Ivan Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «No, they are not in danger. On the contrary, there have been great opportunities to correct the colossal mistake of recent years, the most serious mistake that was committed in Colombia: during the presidential campaign of 2014, the Colombians were divided into 'friends' and 'enemies' of reconciliation, which was done for political purposes on the eve of the elections . Today we see the results of the referendum held on October 2nd, 2016, today we see the expectations that the people have placed on us. As a result I delivered a speech in which I said that I will not let the peace agreements be destroyed, but we will correct our unsuccessful decisions. I would like the drug trade ceased to be a crime related to political crimes, and therefore suitable for amnesty, that the eradication of illegal cultures and their replacement were mandatory, with the obligatory alternative and productive development of agriculture, so that those who concealed weapons and money were appropriately punished in accordance with the rule of law. So that it would be impossible for a person taking a seat in the congress to serve time for crimes against humanity. But we will allow the party to replace this person with another who has no problems with the law.» Reporter (Spanish): «Do you mean to reconsider some of these agreements?» Ivan Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «No, we are not talking about revision. The one thing is an agreement that has already been signed between the government and the FARC, and another thing is the norms that facilitate the implementation of these agreements. These are just the modifications I proposed to correct what was wrong with these agreements, they are quite legitimate in terms of drafting legislation. The introduction of such changes is provided by the Constitutional Court of Colombia. Moreover, it is necessary for the peace that we build to unite us all, and allow us to overcome a huge split in Colombian society.» Reporter (Spanish): «But what FARC should do with all of that?» Ivan Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «FARC are now represented in Congress. And we develop the legislation there. FARC adopted our Constitution and our laws, and gave their consent to act in accordance with existing democratic institutions. From our side, we will legally refer to the Congress, and submit these amendments there. And of course, when I take over the presidential office, I will meet with both representatives of the FARC and representatives of other political forces so that together we could contribute to the formation of a large national agreement through which it would be possible to correct the unsuccessful decisions.» Ivan Duque, President-elect of Republic of Colombia (Spanish): «I always clearly expressed my position on this issue. The one committed the crime against humanity should be punished accordingly. I do not agree that impunity was a bargaining chip. I believe that those who abused their powers, discredited the honour of the motherland and committed serious crimes, should be punished accordingly. You do not need to look for 'warm places' for them in the civil service, you do not need

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