Spain: 'No one can stop us' — Barcelonians hold massive rally in support of Catalan independence

Hundreds of thousands flooded the streets Barcelona to mark Catalonia's national day and to support its independence from Spain, on Monday. Catalans dressed in yellow and holding Estelada flags, the unofficial flag of the province, marched through the city centre, ahead of the independence referendum which is expected to be staged by the regional government, though it has been declared illegal... Еще by Spanish Constitutional Court. «I'm sure we're going to vote, this year is the definitive [chance we have to decide], no one can stop the power of the people,» said one demonstrator during the rally. «I think that this will be the last demonstration before independence,» said another Catalan independence supporter. Catalonia's national day, the Diada, marks the fall of Barcelona in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the region's subsequent loss of institutions and freedoms.

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