Spain: 'No incidents' — Fresh stats from Catalan snap election paint tranquil picture

The Spanish Interior Ministry technical secretary general Juan Antonio Puigserver shared official updates from the data centre regarding the ongoing snap Catalan regional election on Thursday. Speaking at a press conference in Barcelona, Puigserver said that polling stations encountered «no noteworthy incidents.» A total of 5,554,394 electors have been called to vote in the election for the... Еще election of 135 deputies of the Catalan parliament. The total number of polling stations was said to be 8,247. Puigserver underlined a rise of voting requests coming from Catalans abroad — an 81 percent increase compared to the 2015 elections. The number of security force members guarding polling stations was said to amount to 17,000. «Virtually definitive» results would already be available sometime during the evening, Puigserver added. The election was called by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on 27 October 2017, when the Spanish government fired the Catalan leaders and dissolved the parliament that staged a unilateral referendum on separating from Spain and voted to establish an independent republic.

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