Spain: Nationwide protests hit Spain over 'wolf pack' gang rape sentence

Thousands of students protested in Madrid on Thursday, against the verdict in the 'Wolf Pack' gang rape case, with similar rallies taking place in cities throughout the country. Demonstrators marched from Plaza del Sol to the Ministry of Justice, holding banners reading «it's not abuse, it's rape» and chanting slogans, including «It's not abuse, it's rape. We do believe you,» «They can stick... Еще their patriarchal justice up their asses» and «Sister, here is your wolf pack.» Five men, who were part of a WhatsApp group named 'Wolf Pack' (La Manada in Spanish), were accused of the gang rape of a woman during the San Fermin festival in 2016. Protests have been raging throughout Spain since last Thursday, after the men were convicted of sexual abuse instead of the more severe charge of rape. They were each sentenced to nine years in jail.

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