Spain: Nationalists threaten journalist as Catalan flag burns at Barcelona protest

Journalist: «Ok. That's fine. I am looking this way.» Journalist to policeman (Catalan): «Police, he's threatening me.» Demonstrator (Spanish): «We're telling you, man. We don't want you to film.» Journalist to policeman (Catalan): «He has just told me that he will smash my face.» Demonstrator (Spanish): «Yes, yes, he has heard me and what? Fuck you. Stop filming, man.» Journalist... Еще (Catalan):» I am journalist, I am filming.» Demonstrator to policeman (Spanish): «He's filming our faces.» Policeman to journalist (Spanish): «Try not to film faces.» Journalist (Catalan): «I am not filming their faces.» Policeman (Spanish): «Ok. Continue filming.» Spanish nationalists threatened a journalist as he filmed them rallying against secession, in front of the pro-independence Catalan National Assembly (ANC) headquarters in Barcelona, on Friday. A demonstrator threatened the journalist telling him he will smash his face, if he didn't stop filming. The journalist reported the incident to a police officer. Catalan citizens are set to vote in a historic independence referendum on October 1, in a ballot that has been ruled illegal and unconstitutional by the Spanish Supreme Court.

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