Spain: Nationalists rally outside army building in Barcelona to support state security forces

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the local offices of the Spanish army in Barcelona, Sunday, in a show of support for the conduct of Spanish state security forces during the recent Catalan referendum. Several members of the National Police and the Civil Guard also attended the demonstration. Demonstrators took pictures with the state security forces and chanted in favour of the army, the... Еще national police and the Civil Guard. They also chanted against the Catalan government, in favour of article 155 and article 116 of the Spanish Constitution. On Saturday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the enactment of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which imposes direct rule by Madrid over Catalonia. Catalonia held a referendum on October 1 to decide on the region's independence, with the Spanish government deeming the action 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional.' Violent confrontations between voters and Spanish state security forces took place during the voting.

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