Spain: My cousin was brainwashed — relative of Barcelona attacker speaks to press

Translator: «She is very nervous, really afraid. Horrible.» Mother and cousin of Barcelona terror suspect Younes Abouyaaqoub spoke to the press outside the city council of Ripoll, the town where the attackers lived, Saturday. President of the Muslim Community in Ripoll also condemned the terrorist attack. Abouyaaqoub's cousin expressed shock at her relative’s actions and said she believed he... Еще had been «brainwashed» by the imam Abdelbaki Es Satty who is also believed to have taken part in the attacks. The cousin described how Abouyaaqoub became «more involved in religion» after Satty moved to the town and before this they were just «17-year-old kids that were studying and had their lives here.» President of the Muslim community in Ripoll Ali Yasmine condemned the two attacks, saying «our religion does not allow us to do this. Our religion is peace. Our religion absolutely condemns terror attacks. Our religion is against criminals. Our religion is peace, Islam is peace.» Yasmine also recounted how Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty had made the abnormal request in June to take three months off work to go to Morocco; «we told him, if you go on holiday for three months we need to find another imam because we cannot be three months without an imam.» Satty reportedly then quit his job at the mosque abruptly in June. Abouyaaqoub now remains the only attacker linked to the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils who is still at large. On Thursday afternoon, a van ploughed into pedestrians on the popular tourist destination, Las Ramblas. A total of 14 people were killed and scores more were injured. The attack was followed by similar incident in the nearby coastal town of Cambrils, where an Audi A3 was reportedly driven into a group of pedestrians, killing one and injuring seven.
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