Spain: Mona Lisa's mural with mask and smartphone appears in Barcelona after MWC cancellation

Neighbors of Bisbe Street, in front of Catalan Government building in Barcelona, woke up this Tuesday with a controversial installation of the urban artist TVBoy on one of its walls. The work, called Mobile World Virus, represents Leonardo da Vinci's famous Gioconda wearing a mask while holding a smartphone. The current outbreak of coronavirus caused the cancellation of the Moblie World Congress... Еще (MWC) that would take place in Barcelona, the event is one of the largest technology fairs and is focused on portable devices such as smart phones. Passersby were not indifferent to the art installation: «Many people are concerned about [the coronavirus], it doesn't mean I don't worry, but it's something like... that in the end doesn't seem as serious as it seems,» said Daniele. For Juanjo, resident form Barcelona the suspension of the Moblie World Congress to which the installation alludes «was absolutely terrible. Why, because I am a freelancer from the city and worked for the organization, well, and I work for the organization. For me, I have run out of monthly payments, because February is the low season and it is the big bill of February, it is the leitmotiv of us, to work in February. So, for me, horrible, in fact I don't raise my head» «The coronavirus has been used as commercial pressure by American and Western interests against China's super boom,» Juanjo added. According to local press reports, the author intends to make people think about the technology and its transformation into a vaccine or a virus that ends up enslaving people.

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