Spain: Men wrestle wild horses in Galicia's traditional 'Cropping of the Beasts'

Thousands attended the traditional 'Rapa das Bestas' (Cropping of the Beasts) festival in the Galician town of Sabucedo on Saturday, where men wrestle wild horses, cutting their manes and tails as reward. According to one participant, Jorge: «It's a very curious feeling, because in the moment when you jump, when you are on the air before grabbing the horse, suddenly everything stops; there is no... Еще orchestra, no shouts, no applause , no fear, no tension. It seems as a tale. You suddenly don't hear anything, only the shouts like very far away. The feeling of adrenaline is brutal.» The horses used in the festival live in a semi-feral state in the nearby mountains. Wrestling the animals, which can weigh several hundred kilogrammes, is seen by participants as a test of strength and will. Countless organisations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), consider the practice a form of animal abuse.

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