Spain: 'Media of oxygen for terrorists' — Barcelona attack witness whose daughter was in Bataclan

SOT, Reporter (English): «So how did you feel?» SOT, Scott Atren, witness (English): «Horrible, because I was just bringing my niece here and didn't know what was going to happen. My daughter was in the Bataclan when that blew up. She still can't, she still has nightmares, and she can't reconcile herself with staying in her own country.» *BUG AT SOURCE* Scott Atren, who was near Las Rampas... Еще, Barcelona, at the time that a van ploughed through a crowd on Thursday afternoon, explained that his daughter also had first-hand experience of terrorism, which she was in the Bataclan, in Paris, the night it was attacked. Discussing the media's relationship with terrorism, he said, «I need to say the media helps a lot, right? It's the oxygen for this, because never in history has such few people with such primitive means caused such fear inside people.» A van mowed down people in Las Rampas, central Barcelona, on Thursday. The police are treating it as a terrorist attack, and have reported that the incident has already claimed the lives of 13 people.
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