Spain: 'Madrilenians for the Right to Decide' show solidarity with Catalan referendum

A group of Madrlienians held a rally in support of the Catalan independence referendum, in the Spanish capital, on Saturday, during which they spread a giant Catalan flag across a square. The participants also held placards reading «Madrid for democracy and the right to decide.» The group's spokesperson, Pedro Casas, stated, «There are many people here in Madrid, much more than they want us... Еще to think, who are in favour of democracy, a direct democracy, a democracy where people can decide about their future.» The Catalan government has called a referendum on October 1 that has been deemed “illegal” by the Spanish government. The Constitutional Court has suspended the Catalan referendum law, following an appeal from the Spanish government. It will be suspended until the court reaches a decision.

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