Spain: Madrilenians divided after turbulent Catalan vote

Madrid locals reacted to the Catalan independence referendum, Monday, in the wake of the poll marred with violence that left some 844 voters and 33 policemen injured. «I believe that the [Spanish] government has made a mistake and the Catalans the same», said Pepe, a restaurant worker, describing the conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish government as «a confrontation between two persons... Еще who don't want to talk.» For Angel Miguel, a resident of Madrid who described himself as «indifferent», if the Catalans seek cessation, the Spanish government should grant their independence. «We have already too many obligations,» he said. The Catalan government announced that according to preliminary results, 2,262,424 ballots were cast; with 90,09 percent voting in favour of Catalonia's independence from Spain and 7,87 percent casting a 'No' vote. After weeks of unrest in the city following a Spanish Constitutional Court decision to suspend the Catalan referendum law, Catalans have voted in what is deemed by the Spanish government as an illegal ballot.

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