Spain: Madrid warns Catalan leader of jail risk

Spain’s ruling party has warned Catalan’s president could face jail if he goes ahead with declaring independence today. Pablo Casado, deputy communications secretary of Spanish ruling Popular party, warned Charles Puigdemont could “end up” like the former regional leader who declared Catalan independence in 1934 but was jailed and later shot by the Franco regime. Casado said “It may be that... Еще the one who declares it ends like the person who did it 83 years ago,' referring to Catalan leader Lluís Companys who was imprisioned in 1934 by Republican forces after leading a Catalan Nationalist uprising and proclaiming the 'Catalan State in the Spanish Federal Republic'. Companys was later tortured and executed at Montjuic Castle on October 15, 1940 by firing squad by dictator Francisco Franco.

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