Spain: Madrid voters blame Catalonia situation for government deadlock

Madrid residents chimed in on Spain's fourth general election in as many years as they were leaving the polling station at Cardenal Cisneros Institute in central Madrid on Sunday, blaming the situation in Catalonia for the political deadlock and the rise of the far-right. «It's the third time we vote this year since it is not possible to form the coalition government because the political... Еще situation in Catalonia,» said Jorge. «[Spain needs] a stable government that cares more about people than about those in power,» Daniel, another Madrid resident said. People also reacted to the rise of far-right parties, saying «Due to the situation in Catalonia and mostly the situation of migrants the far-right parties are gaining a lot of strength. It's likely that in this election they could be the third party in Spain.» Spaniards are hopeful that the second election since April will end the current crisis, in which Spain has not had a stable government since 2015 as the current Socialist Party (PSOE) government has not been able to form a coalition.

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