Spain: Madrid's «is the way of intimidation and violence» — Catalan govt spokesperson

Catalan government spokesperson Jordi Turull commented on the possible application of Article 155 by the Spanish government, calling it «the way of intimidation and violence,» at a press conference in Barcelona, on Tuesday. The Catalan spokesperson said that triggering Article 155 will be «absolutely disproportionate.» He added that the Catalan government is in the process of reacting to the... Еще current situation. «The President has the will to go [to the Senate]. Will this be possible? We will see. So, we are in touch with the Senate to nail it down. We are also in touch with the parliamentary groups, to see if we can make both things compatible.» The spokesperson added: «under these circumstances, it is really sad that we [Catalonia] are behaving like a free society of the 21st Century, a democracy of the 21st century, and on the other hand, the Spanish state's reactions and behaviours are like those of a state in the 19th or 20th Century.» Commenting on attempts at possible dialogue, Jordi Turull said: «We have not seen a chance of dialogue — because it has been blasted every time and god knows we have tried and we have explained it.»

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