Spain: Madrid hospitals face shortages in blood reserves as lockdown slows donations

The Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid has sent an urgent call asking the population to donate blood to alleviate the deficit in their reserves brought on by the coronavirus outbreak, as footage filmed on Tuesday shows. Hospitals have seen a sharp decline in blood donations over the last two months while lockdown measures were in place, but as restrictions have been eased and hospital... Еще slowly return to normal activity, the demand for blood has gone up without adequate reserves in place.
 «Once the hospitals began to regain normal activity, they began to need more blood,” explained Pilar de la Pena, spokesperson for the Transfusion Center of the Community of Madrid, adding that «citizens are still in a state of alarm, we are still confined, we cannot move freely, which means that there are fewer donations than what hospitals are demanding.” For those who want to donate blood, the Transfusion Center sends them a text message that donors can use as a safe pass in case they are stopped at a police checkpoint on their way to a donation point.

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