Spain: Leader of Catalan opposition scorns Puigdemont ‘return to legality’

The Leader of the Opposition in Catalonia Ines Arrimadas poured scorn on Carles Puigdemont`s handling of the Catalan crisis in Barcelona on Monday, urging him to return home. Arrimadas was appearing in court on separate matter as a victim of online hate crime when she spoke to reporters. She said: «President Puigdemont should have done many things in a different way. I told him last weekend... Еще, and I will say it again: President, please, return to legality and call elections, because that would be the best way to end all of this. But he did not listen to me, nor to the legal representatives of Parliament, nor the decisions of the courts.» On November 2, the Spanish high court ordered the arrest of eight former members of the Catalan government and later detained them without bail. A Spanish prosecutor also issued a European arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont and four ex-ministers all of whom fled to Belgium.


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