Spain: Interior Minister heads Terrorist Threat Assessment Board meeting following attacks

Spanish Minister of Interior Juan Ignacio Zoido Alvarez joined the meeting of the Terrorist Threat Assessment Board in Madrid, Saturday, as the body gathered to assess new security measures against terrorism threats following the recent attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. During the meeting the board analysed in detail the current state of affairs and decided not to raise the terrorism alert. A... Еще van mowed down dozens of people along La Rambla in central Barcelona on Thursday, claiming the lives of 13 people. The so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) have claimed responsibility for the attack, though it is currently unclear the level of their involvement. A similar attack took place in the coastal town of Cambrils some hours later, when an Audi A3 ploughed into a group of people, early on Friday morning, killing one woman and leading to injuries to five other civilians and a police officer. Upon exiting the car the five suspects, some of whom were wearing fake suicide belts, were shot; four dying at the scene and one succumbing later to his injuries. A manhunt continues for a further suspect thought to be connected to the attacks.
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