Spain: Independence supporters protest after youth centre torched

de Sarria youth centre (Catalan): «This morning, the Ateneu Popular de Sarria burnt down. That was an old 'Masia' heritage of the neighborhood. All were burnt. There was risk for the life of the neighbours and that has to be a response, not only in Sarria level, but also in all Barcelona for all the fascists agressions that we've been suffering since months ago.» Around one thousand pro-Catalan... Еще independence supporters demonstrated in Barcelona on Thursday after a youth centre was torched in a ‘fascist attack’. Police stopped demonstrators from going to Artos square where rival groups usually meet. The Barcelona youth centre was set alight overnight in what police have described as a 'fascist attack' which caused permanent damage to the building. No injuries were reported. The youth centre, known for its support of Catalan nationalism, has been attacked on four occasions since the independence referendum of October 1.

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